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PA Forward 2017 Presentation: “Making with Young Children”

/ July 31, 2017/ Makerspace!, PSLA

Two weeks ago, I was honored to present at the 2017 PA Forward Information Literacy Summit.  The maker-themed summit was held at the Penn State University Libraries, where I presented an hour-long breakout session on makerspaces for elementary schools and public library children’s programs. Participants got to experiment and play with many of the materials that students use in our makerspace library

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TL Blogging Challenge #15 – My Library Wish List

/ June 17, 2014/ Library Space, Reflections

TL Blogging Challenge #15 – What would be one (or two) items on your library wish list?  Why?  How might you get this item? I would love to get new furniture for the library.  Actually, I would love a total library makeover with steps for seating, an outdoor garden area accessible by sliding glass doors, lots of nooks for reading,

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New LibGuide for Nook Resources!

/ October 23, 2012/ Ebooks, Nooks

I <3 LibGuides!  I’ve come to realize that keeping the documents up-to-date on this blog is getting unwieldy, messy, and disorganized.  I hate that!  So I’ve updated and moved all the important documents and information from the “Documents for Librarians” page to my Nooks LibGuide located HERE or http://wilsonsd.libguides.com/SRNooks. I’ll do my best to keep this LibGuide up-to-date with the

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Waiting for the Nooks – Part 1

/ October 23, 2011/ Nooks

Now that the Nooks are ordered, and on their way, courtesy of the Spring Ridge HSA’s generous donation, I’ve been a very busy bee getting ready.  If you’re a teacher-librarian or media specialist who is piloting a lending program, there is a LOT of preparation to be done once the order is placed. For starters, I ordered 2 cases.  One

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Ereader Madness – Nook vs. Kindle for elementary schools

/ September 23, 2011/ Reflections, Reviews

In the two years since I last posted, I hadn’t given this blog much thought.  This week, however, I really wanted to write and comment about the insanity that is ereaders and ebooks at this moment.  One can hardly read a single library-related blog without being confronted by “ebook issues.”  For many librarians, this drastic shift from print to print-and-electronic,

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