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PA Forward 2017 Presentation: “Making with Young Children”

/ July 31, 2017/ Makerspace!, PSLA

Two weeks ago, I was honored to present at the 2017 PA Forward Information Literacy Summit.  The maker-themed summit was held at the Penn State University Libraries, where I presented an hour-long breakout session on makerspaces for elementary schools and public library children’s programs. Participants got to experiment and play with many of the materials that students use in our makerspace library

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Reading Aloud in School: An Endangered Practice?

/ July 23, 2015/ Books, How to Be Brave, PSLA

At the recent PA School Librarians Association (PSLA) Annual Conference, I read a worrisome tweet from a participant in a concurrent session. Some Pennsylvania librarians reported that administrators recently told them that reading aloud isn’t “rigorous enough.” Not even as part of a larger unit or with young students. Librarians in this session saying they ARE NOT ALLOWED TO READ

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Welcoming New Students to the Library Mid-Year

/ January 17, 2015/ PSLA, Tech Tips, What Worked

For many students, January brings not only a new year, but also a new teacher and a new school.  Lately, I’ve been thinking about how to teach just-moved-in students about our library procedures without interrupting the routine and momentum of the rest of the class.  What I came up with is an Orientation Welcome Center that new students complete before

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TL Blogging Challenge #20 – Library Budget Stretching

/ July 4, 2014/ How to Be Brave, PSLA, Reflections

TL Blogging Challenge #20 – Budgets are tight.  How do you make it stretch?  Fundraisers, paperbacks, doing your own rebinds…how do you do it? Budgets are always a tough topic in education, especially recently.  Books, audiobooks, cameras, tablets and iPads, and makerspace materials all cost money.  And don’t even get me started on the generally ridiculous prices and license agreements

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