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Reflections on Nook Program, Year 1 June 11, 2012

Posted by Mrs. J in the Library in Nooks, Reflections.

My first year of the Nook program has flown by in a whirlwind!  I think overall implementing my program has been a very positive experience, and my final thoughts as I end the year are (in no particular order):

  1. I am blessed to work in a forward-thinking district, and to work with a supportive technology department that stood behind me and let me use the budding Guest network to connect and update the Nooks.
  2. I’m doubly blessed by a supportive Home and School Association that donated the money to the library as pretty much a blank check, AND supported me when I told them I’d like to buy ereaders instead of paper books.
  3. Students aren’t as enamored by e-readers as the media claims or ed tech “experts” might think.  After the novelty wears off, they “get” that it’s a tool for reading and learning.  Perhaps it might be different with a tablet e-reader, but I don’t regret getting the Simple Touches.
  4. Students know what books they want, but are woefully ignorant of the cost of said books.
  5. Public domain (aka free) ebooks are usually not very attractive, even when the paper isn’t yellowed and musty-smelling.  With that said, I’d rather pay $4-5 for a classic that has a Nook cover that will make students want to read it.
  6. The ebook placeholder idea on the shelves never came to fruition.  I tried a couple, and since I used my existing “book lookers” or shelf markers, students kept pulling them out and bringing them to me because they thought someone left it there by accident.  So I have a new idea….

Other thoughts…..

Next year is the year our district will most likely be moving aggressively into offering downloadable ebooks through our catalog or a third party system.  Though I haven’t found a good model that is affordable, sustainable, and NOT trying to rip off libraries as a whole, I’m excited about the opportunity to offer students the service.  Maybe an intelligent, thoughtful, vendor who understands library needs will surface this summer???

So for next year’s blog focus, I’ll be continuing with my Nook program reflections, comments, and tweaking it as needed.  Also, inspired by my amazing colleague Denise Hasson, I’m planning on adding iPod touches as a learning tool for students to use.  More on that next year though…

Finally, this year also marked my last year as “Ms. Adams” as I’m getting married this summer.  When I return to blogging in September, I’ll be the same person, but I’ll be called “Mrs. Jakubowicz” instead.  A happy occasion, of course, but just another sign of changing times.

I wish you all the best this summer, and I hope you get to rest, relax, and recharge!

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