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The value of record-keeping January 11, 2012

Posted by Mrs. J in the Library in Nooks.
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After today, I am totally convinced that all the extra “paper” record-keeping I did was absolutely worth it!

As I stated yesterday, one of the Nooks has been acting up and generally behaving like the one that bit the dust already.  I thought it was strange that it was part of the same “set” as the Nook that died, so I checked my BN.com account and sure enough there were 7 Nooks registered to that account!  The dead one I had returned wasn’t “de-registered.”

I immediately called customer service and they were really amazing, especially as customer service goes.  Kudos, BN!  As soon as I got to talk to a real person (which only took about 1 minute), I found out that yes, that would be a problem to have too many devices on one account.  And yes, they could easily remove the returned Nook…all I needed was the dead Nook’s serial number.  Unfortunately, the Nook was not in my custody…not even close.

Now with 7 devices listed on the account, it would be time-consuming to look up each Nook’s serial number and then use process-of-elimination to figure out with serial number listed online was the dead one.  Using electronic methods only, I would only narrow it down to 2: the dead one and the misbehaving one that I can’t get to access the settings menu.

Since I had written the serial numbers and my assigned Nook numbers on the boxes, though, I had the correct number right away.  The very nice customer service rep. said it would take a while to get it to sync with the online system, but he thought that might help clear up the issues with that set of Nooks.  Time will tell on that matter.

And so, despite living in a more electronic and paperless world, sometimes the best way to keep track of or fix something, is plain ol’ pen and paper.  Ironic, isn’t it?

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