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The Nooks have been checked out! December 5, 2011

Posted by Mrs. J in the Library in Nooks.
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The first three Nooks have been checked out as part of the literature circles at our school.  One of the books a group is reading is “Crunch” by Leslie Connor, a very thoughtful science/realistic fiction novel that takes place in the somewhat near future.  I downloaded the title to the Nook account on BN.com and it was all very seamless.  No feedback yet, and I haven’t introduced them to the whole 5th grade yet, but so far the students are so psyched!

Before I checked out the Nooks, I had to register them to the BN.com account that I’m syncing 6 of the Nooks to.  See BN’s very informative videos on registering and setting up your Nooks.  For school librarians, I HIGHLY recommend asking your technology department to create a couple e-mail addresses for you to use.  Each 6 Nook devices must have a unique e-mail, so I have 3 right now. Two for Nooks #1-12 (though I’m only getting 10 this year), and one for the 3 literature circle Nooks which were funded by a grant.  For simplicity’s sake I felt that I should keep the “school Nooks” and “lit circle Nooks” on separate accounts.  The complete check-out and check-in procedures are posted on the Nook Documents section, and library assistants may find this especially helpful.  My assistant is actually the one who suggested I make one for her.

I added the Nook tracking form (adapted once again from the amazing Buffy Hamilton) and the survey I’m using to the Nook Documents section of this blog.  The tracking form is just for students to see what titles are on each Nook.  I’m going to place these in a binder next to the placeholder mock Nooks on the shelf.  We are also putting a blank survey into the Nook cover pockets each time a Nook is checked out.  Students will be expected to fill it out and return it with their feedback and suggestions for books.  I’m hoping to use the suggestions to buy more books that students want to read and also to purchase books that are more advanced for the “high flyer” 5th grade readers.

I also decided that one 6-Nook set will be more focused on 5th grade materials and the other 4-Nook set will be more 4th grade-centric.  My thinking here is simply to help me develop the collections in a logical way, and any 4th or 5th grader (with a signed permission form) will be able to check out a Nook from either set.

I hope to have another video up after I do my Nook lesson with the 4th and 5th graders, and I have a chance to reflect.

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