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Waiting for the Nooks – Part 2 (and cover/bag reviews!) October 25, 2011

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Disclaimer: All videos posted on this blog are my opinions only and do NOT represent the Wilson School District.  If I sound like I’m giving you advice too much, please forgive me.  My intent is only to help librarians get their own program started by providing resources and telling what works for our school library.  I’m very new to video-blogging!

Researching and shopping for accessories was the fun part.  The not-so-exciting part was getting together the paperwork necessary to start our program.  I’ll be posting all of my documents and forms on the “Nooks” page on this blog, and most of what I’ve created is in fact a modification of Buffy Hamilton’s and Kathy Parker’s amazing work on their pilot Kindle programs.  I mostly changed “Kindle” to “Nook” and tweaked it for my school’s policies.  I started with adapting their parent and student permission form for elementary school students, and getting that form approved by my principal.

Onto the cataloging and processing plans…Admittedly, this section is probably only of interest to librarians and media specialists.  I’m fortunate that my district tech department allows the teacher-librarians complete control over our MARC records.  I’m also very blessed to have access to the Pennsylvania ACCESS PA database of MARC records, and that’s exactly where I found one to modify for our use.  Even though I’m not adding any COPIES to the record, I still have the TITLE record ready to go and it works in Destiny Quest, which is how are students primarily access the online catalog.  Instructions for what I did will be posted as soon as I get the Nooks added as copies, and I will also post a screen-cast video of how to catalog Nooks.

The processing plans ended up taking the longest, and I’m still in the midst of the preparations.  I used The Unquiet Library‘s excellent idea of making a bookmark with the Nook’s number and barcode to use when checking it out. I also made a small quick start guide, a survey/book suggestion slip, and a list of titles on that Nook to keep in the cover pockets.  It’s a lot of content creation, and more than I originally thought would be necessary.  See the Nook Documents for Librarians section for all the documents I created and/or modified.

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