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Waiting for the Nooks – Part 1 October 23, 2011

Posted by Mrs. J in the Library in Nooks.
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Now that the Nooks are ordered, and on their way, courtesy of the Spring Ridge HSA’s generous donation, I’ve been a very busy bee getting ready.  If you’re a teacher-librarian or media specialist who is piloting a lending program, there is a LOT of preparation to be done once the order is placed.

nook coverFor starters, I ordered 2 cases.  One is the standard cover/case that many consumers buy to protect their Nook device.  It has pockets for paperwork and a title list.

With elementary students, though, a cover and the extended 2-year warranty doesn’t assuage my worries about accidental damage.  I startednetbook case looking on forums for a handled bag to slip the Nook into while also in the cover, providing two layers of protection.  Many, many librarians have discovered the e-ink screens are susceptible to damage when placed in backpacks or pressed against another books/objects, so my students would need to carry it outside their backpack.  Again, for elementary students, this is a problem with only a cover as protection.  It wasn’t easy finding a handled Nook case, and in fact what I ended up with was a 10″ neoprene netbook case.

I haven’t received either the cover or the case yet, but I’ll review them when I do.

More to come soon on the rest of my pre-Nook delivery preparations…

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